Creating stories and art, and sometimes folding them together

Iain M Banks + Banksy = Ian Benke

Ian Benke — publishing under I.B. — is a science fiction writer, visual artist, and enjoys origami and papercraft. Combining his writing and artwork, he is the author of Future Fables and Strange Stories, flowers: The Art of Rocky Mountain Cannabis, and contributes, designs. and edits for Pulp Kings. He also ghostwrote a series of werewolf romance novels, but no one is supposed to know that.

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I’ll be at the GENERATE Art Show

Oh my goodness, I’m in an art show, and my first live event since COVID started. The show looks super rad, and I’ll be showcasing my writing, artwork, and of course, origami. It’ll be wonderful to see some familiar faces again.

You can pick up tickets here: GENERATE Art Show Tickets