A thematic showcase of I.B.’s writing, story art, and book design. The showcase changes often. Each piece is presented in its full, expanded version.

This showcase’s theme is:
Family and cats, two of I.B.’s favorite things.


A sci-fi short story set in a far-future exploring humanity’s transformation from who we were to who we could be — and what gets lost along the way.

First published in Pulp Kings Six: Music, 2020


I.B. transforms memory into prose in a personal essay about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with his father and coming to the realization that they’re more similar than they aren’t.

First published in The Globe and Mail, 2021


A holiday novella painting a future where everything is constructed: happiness, intelligence, where we fit in society — and what happens when we’re not built to spec.

First published in Pulp Kings Two: Christmas, 2018


In the opening letter of Pulp Kings Six: Music, I.B. wonders about the magic of music, speculating on why we sing and play instruments — and why hearing a song can mean so much.

First published in Pulp Kings Six: Music, 2020