Creating Stories and Art, and Sometime Folding Them Together

Ian Benke is a multi-talented artist with a passion for written storytelling and static visual art — anything that can be printed on a page. Inspired by Mega Man, John Steinbeck, and commercials, I.B.’s science fiction writing and art explore the growing bond between technology and culture, imagining where it will lead and the people it will shape. He is the author of Future Fables and Strange Stories, the upcoming It’s Dangerous to Go Alone trilogy, and contributes to Pulp Kings.

Born in Edmonton, raised outside of Toronto, and calling Calgary home, I.B. is a proud Canadian that loves to travel across the country and meeting the people who also call it home. Combining his enthusiasm for Canadians, cannabis, and writing, he designed and authored flowers: The Art of Rocky Mountain Cannabis.

As the CEO and Co-Founder of Stray Books — an independent publisher based out of Calgary, Alberta — I.B. is an advocate of independent, collaborative, and Canadian art. Stray Books publishes stray stories for strangers and is always looking for new writers, artists, and editors to work with.

I.B. also makes origami.