Future Fables Story Art

Future Fables and Strange Stories
Story Art and Notes

The OGs

Before the 2018 print book, Future Fables and Strange Stories started as short stories I wrote for social media, and once I had four of them, sold as an ebook. Digital art was new to me then, but I had a bit of graphic art and logo design experience. Looking at them now, all four of the original pieces could work as logos.

The “Atom” piece became the cover art for the print book, and I still use it all the time for promoting my sci-fi writing, even including it in the plot of a few stories.


Once the print book started production, I wrote a few more stories and made art for them, and these three are my favourites. The couple dancing is overly sweet on its own, but it’s tied to a melancholic story, “We Came to Dance”, about a couple’s last night before nukes end everything. I just like the other two. who doesn’t like Sputnik?

Emma and The St. of Selfies

I made these two on their own with no story in mind and changed them for the book. The “Emma” piece went through the most changes, but the distortion and blank face match the story better. I based the “St. of Selfies” piece off of a hilarious photo on a message board that I felt compelled to draw.

The Rest

The rest are alright but more generic than I’d make them now — aside from the hooded lady with a baby attached to her. That piece never made it into the book — the story was pretty shitty tbh — but I loved the art and wanted to include it somewhere.